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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What Happen If You Did Not Vote?

According to the Elections Department, it is compulsory for eligible citizens to vote in presidential elections or parliamentary elections, if their constituencies are contested.

A registration officer will remove the name of those who do not show up on Polling Day from the certified register of electors of the constituencies they belong to.

Those struck off the list cannot vote at any subsequent presidential or parliamentary election.  They are also barred from being candidates in any subsequent presidential or parliamentary election.

Those who want to be put back on the list must approach the registration officer with an explanation.  They can submit their applications online at the Elections Department website, at its Prinsep Link office or any community club.

After every general election, the Elections Department typically sends out letters to non-voters informing them that they may apply for their names to be restored.

If there was no valid reason for a voter not voting, the department will impose a $50 fine, which needs to be paid before the voter can be reinstated.

Valid reasons for not voting include working overseas at the time of the poll, studying overseas, being on an overseas vacation planned before the polls, being ill, or delivering a baby.

Documents must be produced to support such claims, such as passport or letter fro the school, or a medical certificate.

A voter cannot submit an application to be reinstated once a writ of election has been issued for his constituency.

So do you have a clearer picture of "To Vote or Not To Vote?  The choice is yours.

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