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Saturday, April 23, 2011

ST Launches General Election 2011 Website

A One-Stop online portal dedicated to the upcoming General Election (GE), with the breaking news and the latest photos and videos, is being launched by Straits Times.

The site at provides a comprehensive range of information that voters can use, including an interactive electoral map which shows them the political parties  contesting in their respective constituencies.

Explaining the reason for the new venture, ST editor Han Fook Kwang said: "The election is probably the biggest local story of the year, and we aim to serve our readers in the best possible way we can, both in the paper and online."

He added: "Online, we want to deliver the news fast, as it breaks, and with the trademark Straits Times quality for accuracy and reliability."

The list of features is long, but one highlight is the extensive multimedia coverage, with photo galleries and video coverage of events in the run-up to Nomination Day and then of the rallies leading to Polling Day.

For instance, expect swift uploads of videos showing the unveiling of new candidtates and of politicians at the hustings.  Said Mr Han: "We intend t make full use of our video capability, so readers can see and hear for themselves how the candidates perform and handle themselves."

Also available are write-ups that give insights into the state of the ground at various constituencies and a database that contains such information as the results of the last general election and the rules for campaigning.

A "Frequently Asked Questions" section will provide quick answers on the election process.

Until Nomination Day, is "Who's Who" section will be continually updated to keep readers in the know on the confirmed and yet-to-be-confirmed candidates from each political party.

Nearer Polling Day an "Election Watch" section will be update readers on the events and rallies taking place across Singapore.  ST reporters will also write blogs to give on-the-ground perspecties.

While there are other websites and bogs covering the General Election, Mr Han is confident ST's portal will stand out: "We have the largest and most experienced newsroom in Singapore, with many reporters who have been tracking this GE for months now, and we have been the first to break many of the GE related stories."

He added: "We promise many more to come when the campaign begins."

Mr Felix Soh, digital media editor of Singapore Press Holdings' English and Malay newspapers division said the site's clean design would make it easy for users to navigate its rich content.

"Everything is at your fingertips.  Even from just the homepage, you can easily access all the information available on the site.

Readers can even look forward to a free general election iPhone application soon. This app will suit people who are on the go and who want information about the election. Anywhere you are, you can get that information with just a few swipes of your finger.

"Best of all, it will be free."

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