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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Dos & Don'ts for Sari

      The most common method of wearing sari is to wrap the cloth around the waist, create pleats in front and drape the final length around the shoulder.
     These days however, many experiment with other looks.  The cloth can be worn over the head, draped over the chest or tucked into the petticoat.
     Tie your drawstring on the petticoat as tightly as possible.  The sari is tucked into it before you drape it, so the underskirt should be tightly secured to keep the outfit in place.
     The choli is supposed to be fitted so that it does not get in the way of the pleated skirt or pallu after the sari is draped.
     White and black are still considered inauspicious colours by the older generation when worn to weddings and religious festivals like Deepavali.
     Do not expose your ankles.  The sari should be long enough to graze the floor but not so long that it will cause you trip.
     If you are a sari novice and are afraid that things might fall apart, reinforce pleats or drapes with discreet safety pins or ornamental brooches.  Also pick a lightly embellished one made of a soft material like chiffon or silk as these materials can be folded and draped with ease.  A sari with lots of embellishment might be harder to drape and secure due to the weight of the beads and crystals.

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