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Thursday, October 28, 2010

No Short Skirts & Slippers for tertiary Students

The long running debate on what is proper attire for tertiary students flared up again last week, when some Republic Polytechnic students were warned that they could be banned from lectures.

The warning came via an email to students. It said, "Please note that students are not allowed to enter the class if they are found to be improperly attired."

After directing the students to the hand-book on what constituted proper attire, it when on to say, "If you are seen wearing slippers, a stern verbal warning will be issued first by your class facilitator.

"If the warning is note heeded and you return with slippers on the subsequently days, you will be refused student entry to the class and will be marked as absent."

In a footnote, it explained that "slippers are termed as any footwear with straps and exposes parts of the foot example heel and toes.  Hence, the safest footwear to wear would be covered toes shoes.

It is imposed to prepare students for the realities of industrial internships during their education at our polytechnic and for working life after they graduate.  In both private and public sectors, dress codes are part of corporate practice.

It represents one part of Republic Polytechnic efforts to deliver on our promise of holistic education.  Future employers expect that polytechnics act as the final post before they enter working life.

However, the rules have not been strictly implementing these rules in most of the other polytechnics and universities.

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