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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

When Detoxifying your Body the Ten Things you must Watch

Body detoxification is often touted for its natural way of giving restored vitality, mental clarity, clear skin and a stronger immune system. But, when eliminating the body of “toxins” it can be dangerous.

Detoxification, which has been used for thousands of years around the world, involves resting and cleaning out the body. It is said that by removing and eliminating the toxins within the body, it can help protect from disease and boost health. During detoxification, impurities from the blood and liver are removed. A detoxification program removes toxins in the body such as environmental toxins, results from poor diets, and toxins in the body resulting from excessive use of drugs and alcohol. Detoxification treatments range from consuming special foods like brown rice and organic fruits and vegetables to herbal cleansing mixtures, to colonic irrigation.

As with any medical program, a doctor should be consulted before starting. In addition, there are some precautions to take before undergoing a diet detoxification. There are side affects and certain groups of people should not use detoxification programs at all. The following are ten things to watch for when detoxifying your body and a list of those who should not detoxification at all.

1 Children and Elderly:

 It is generally agreed that detoxification should not be performed on children or the elderly. Children and elderly are not good candidates for detoxification. A doctor should be consulted first. Teenagers need good nutrition and diets that involve fasting deplete needed nutrition. Some diets such as detoxification can become addictive. Those with eating disorders should not attempt detoxification. Many elderly are already experiencing an inadequate immune system and should not undergo a detoxification program. People with diabetes or low blood sugar should also not attempt detoxification programs.


 2 Pregnant & Nursing Mothers:

 Women who are pregnant or nursing should not undergo a detoxification program. Detoxification depletes the body of many important nutrients important to pregnant mothers and those who breastfed. In addition, if using herbs, consult a doctor. There are many natural herbs that should not be used during pregnancy.


3 Prescription Drugs:

 Those who take prescription medication should not detoxification their body without seeking medical advice. While a detoxification program may enhance the body’s ability to metabolize medicine, it is possible that residues of medicine taken in the past can be stored in the fat cells. During the detoxification program, those residues may enter the blood stream.


4 Headaches:

Because a detoxification program often calls for fasting or taking in herbal mixtures, the lack of nutrients in the body can cause severe headaches.


5 Fatigue:

Depleting the body of its natural nutrients can cause fatigue in those who detoxify. Detoxification programs often do no provide enough protein and nutrients to keep energy levels at a normal range.


6 Nausea:

 Herbal mixtures and fasting can often cause vomiting or nausea. If not treated, vomiting can lead to dehydration.


7 Bowel Problems:

Detoxification or crash dieting can cause severe bowel problems ranging from diarrhea to stomach cramping. This can also lead to dehydration.


8 Death:

Death, possibly from detoxification triggering a heart attack, has been reported for some undergoing intensive detoxification programs. Those fatalities were linked to previous health conditions such as drug abuse and undetected heart problems


9 Spread of Infection:

 Those who choose to detoxification their body through colonic irrigation should be aware of the risk of spreading infections to the intestinal tract. There is also a danger of puncturing the bowel from this procedure. During irrigation, up to fifteen gallons of water or herbal mixtures are fed into the colon. The colon is rinsed and the result comes out of another tube. There is research to suggest that this procedure is neither safe nor helpful to the body.


10 Loss of Nutrients:

Another way to detoxification the body is through fasting. Some programs call for fasting, or going without solids for anywhere from a day to a week. The only things entering the body are water and juice. Those who say this method is beneficial report that during fasting, fat cells and toxins burn away. Medical experts say that some toxins are stored in fat cells, but that through a healthy diet and regular exercise, the toxins are not harmful. Fasting really depletes the body of vital nutrients and calcium.

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